Welcome to ORaCEL

Welcome to ORaCEL

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Carbon electronics offers fundamentally new avenues to solve some of the most important Grand Challenges of the 21st century, while at the same time requires only low energy-budget, environmentally friendly processing and offers possible cradle-to-cradle recycling. Faculty located in theRoi Research Triangle perform world class research in carbon electronics, and the Organic and Carbon Electronics Lab at NC State is a nucleus of these efforts that coordinates a number of NC State faculty across several colleges, provides shared facilities for synergistic activities and maintains collaboration to partner institutions such UNC-CH, AppState, Duke, and NCCU.
We envision fundamental advances that might provide revolutionary computing approaches based on molecular spintronics or truly renewable energy sources and self-sustaining systems such as self-powered greenhouses, integrated solar cell/algae growth ponds,  integrated semitransparent solar cells into residential structures. We are also developing a range of electronic devices (e.g. transistors, sensors, optoelectronics) for a seamlessly integrated and connected world.

Mission Statement
The ORganic and Carbon Electronics Lab is an intellectual center where basic science insights about Carbon Materials smoothly translate into new solutions to international problems, and applied needs drive an intense pursuit of basic knowledge.

Carbon electronics has recently got a strong recognition from the UNC Research Opportunities Initiative (ROI) which is committed to providing targeted funding for innovative and potentially game-changing research project. The Carbon electronics team has got the highest ROI award of nearly $3, 000,000, as announced on the UNC ROI website.




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