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Carbon Electronics Cluster at NCSU and Related Research in the Triangle  

Harald Ade, CFEP Coordinator for Carbon Electronics, Physics, NCSU

I will present a brief overview of the genesis of the CFEP Carbon Electronics Cluster and its current status, as well as delineate recent successes by the Cluster team and outline some high profile opportunities that we perceive. This will be complemented with some comments about related research activities and expertise at other institutions in the Triangle. Such a broad view and assessment is very timely, as some of us have been organizing the 11th International Conference of Electroluminescence and Optoelectronic Devices (ICEL), which will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina from October 2nd to October 5th. This conference will allow all of us to “measure” our work in the context of international competition.

I will also comment on the research and personal growth opportunities this presents for students and postdocs. I intent to provide a bit of a history of my personal journey as a scientist that I hope will entail some motivational anecdotes and provide some insight into my philosophy towards science and mentoring of students and postdocs.

Overall, we want to create a dynamic culture that embraces research excellence and commitment to the growth and success of individuals.