Harald Ade
Franky So
Jacqueline Krim
Wei You
Felix N. Castellano
Brendan O’Connor
Dan Dougherty
Kenan Gundogdu
Alexander Kemper
Ahmed El-Shafei
Brad Conrad
Jesse Jur
Jun Liu
Dali Sun
Divine Kumah
Michael D. Dickey
Abay. G. Dinku
Alexander Bataller
Long Ye

Postdoctoral Assoc.

Masrur M. Nahid
Liang Yan
Huawei Hu
Masoud Ghasemi

Graduate Students
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Postdoctoral Fellows:

Avinash Rustag
Joo-Hyun Kim
Bhoj Gautam
Omar Awartani
Adrian Hunt
Subhrangsu Mukherjee
Xuechen Jiao

ORaCEL researchers span multiple departments and institutions that bring a multidisciplinary perspective to the science and application of organic and carbon materials.
We are excited to find new collaborators at all levels (undergrads to PI’s) who will help achieve and expand our vision for the future of these materials.


Participating Universities






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