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….Room 3119
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Ahmed El-Shafei


NC State University, Department of Physics
851 Main Campus Dr., Raleigh NC 27606.


Dr. El-Shafei earned his B.Sc. in Chemistry with honors and M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry both from Mansoura University, Egypt.  He joined NC State in August 1998 and earned his Co-Major Ph.D. in Chemistry and Fiber and Polymer Science in December 2002. Dr. El-Shafei worked as a Teaching Assistant and Assistant Lecturer from 1989 until 1997 and a lecturer from 2005-2006 in the Chemistry Department at Mansoura University, Egypt where he taught organic and polymer chemistry, photochemistry, dye synthesis, dyeing and finishing, physical organic chemistry, mechanism of organic reactions, organic reactions and orbital symmetry (pericyclic reactions).

Research interests

  • Dye-sensitized solar cells
  • surface chemistry and modification
  • photophysics, and molecular modeling of physical and chemical properties of dye molecules and polymers

Select Publications | Complete List Of Publications

Naik, P., Su, R., Elmorsy, M. R., Babu, D. D., El-Shafei, A., & Adhikari, A. V., Molecular design and theoretical investigation of new metal-free heteroaromatic dyes with D-pi-A architecture as photosensitizers for DSSC application, J. Photochem.d Photobiology. A, Chemistry 345, 63 (2017). link

Babu, D. D., Su, R., Naik, P., El-Shafei, A., & Adhikari, A. V.,  Synthesis and photovoltaic performance of a novel asymmetric dual channel co-sensitizer for dye-sensitized solar cell beyond 10% efficiency, Dyes and Pigments 141, 112 (2017). link

Ashraf, S., Akhtar, J., Siddiqi, H. M., & El-Shafei, A., Thiocyanate-free ruthenium(II) sensitizers with a bi-imidazole ligand in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), New J. Chem. 41(14), 6272 (2017). link

Ashraf, S., Yildirim, E., Akhtar, J., Siddiqi, H. M., & El-Shafei, A., A comparative study of the influence of N, N ‘-dialkyl vs. N, N ‘-diaryl-based electron donor ancillary ligands on photocurrent and photovoltage in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 19, 20847 (2017). link

Cheema, H., Younts, R., Gautam, B., Gundogdu, K., & El-Shafei, A., Design and synthesis of BODIPY sensitizers with long alkyl chains tethered to N-carbazole and their application for dye sensitized solar cells, Mater. Chem. Phys184, 57-63 (2016). link

Babu, D. D., Su, R., El-Shafei, A., & Adhikari, A. V.,  From molecular design to co-sensitization; high performance indole based photosensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells, Electrochimica Acta 198, 10 (2016). link

Babu, D. D., Elsherbiny, D., Cheema, H., El-Shafei, A., & Adhikari, A. V., Highly efficient panchromatic dye-sensitized solar cells: Synergistic interaction of ruthenium sensitizer with novel co-sensitizers carrying different acceptor units, Dyes and Pigments 132, 316 (2016). link

Babu, D. D., Su, R., El-Shafei, A., & Adhikari, A. V., New indole based co-sensitizers for dye sensitized solar cells exceeding 10% efficiency, RSC Advances6, 30205 (2016). link

Dong, H., Wu, Z. X., El-Shafei, A., Xia, B., Xi, J., Ning, S. Y., Jiao, B., & Hou, X., Ag-encapsulated Au plasmonic nanorods for enhanced dye-sensitized solar cell performance, J. Mater. Chem. A, 3, 4659 (2015). link

El-Shafei, A., Hinks, D., Boyle, P. D., & Freeman, H. S., Characterization of non-genotoxic diarylides using experimental and molecular orbital methods, Dyes and Pigments 121, 128 (2015). link

Cheema, H., Islam, A., Han, L. Y., & El-Shafei, A., Influence of number of benzodioxan-stilbazole-based ancillary ligands on dye packing, photovoltage and photocurrent in dye-sensitized solar cells, ACS Appl. Mater. & Interfaces 6, 11617 (2014). link

Qin, C. J., Mirloup, A., Leclerc, N., Islam, A., El-Shafei, A., Han, L. Y., & Ziessel, R,. Molecular engineering of new thienyl-bodipy dyes for highly efficient panchromatic sensitized solar cells, Advan. Energy Mater4, 1400085 (2014). link

Dong, H., Wu, Z. X., Lu, F., Gao, Y. C., El-Shafei, A., Jiao, B., Ning, S. Y., & Hou, X., Optics-electrics highways: Plasmonic silver nanowires@TiO2 core-shell nanocomposites for enhanced dye-sensitized solar cells performance, Nano Energy 10, 181 (2014). link

Mazloumpour, M., Malshe, P., El-Shafei, A., & Hauser, P., Conferring durable antimicrobial properties on nonwoven polypropylene via plasma-assisted graft polymerization of DADMAC, Surf. Coat. Tech224, 1 (2013). link

Akhtaruzzaman, M., Seya, Y., Asao, N., Islam, A., Kwon, E., El-Shafei, A., Han, L. Y., & Yamamoto, Y., Donor-acceptor dyes incorporating a stable dibenzosilole pi-conjugated spacer for dye-sensitized solar cells. J. Mater. Chem22, 10771 (2012). link

Yang, F., Akhtaruzzaman, M., Islam, A., Jin, T. N., El-Shafei, A., Qin, C. J., Han, L. Y., Alamry, K. A., Kosa, S. A., Hussein, M. A., Asiri, A. M., & Yamamoto, Y., Structure-property relationship of naphthalene based donor-pi-acceptor organic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells: Remarkable improvement of open-circuit photovoltage. J. Mater. Chem22, 22550 (2012). link

El-Shafei, A., Fadda, A. A., Bondock, S., Khalil, A. M., & Tawfik, E. H., Facile synthesis, pure DFT calculations, and PM3 semiempirical MO method validation of regiospecificity of novel 1,4-dihydropyrido[2,3-d] pyrimidine derivatives, Synth.c Comm. 40), 2788 (2010). link

El-Shafei, A., Fadda, A. A., Abdel-Gawad, I. I., & Youssif, E. H. E. (2009), Stereospecificity of Diels-Alder reactions validated using ab initio calculations: Synthesis of novel coumarin and phenanthridine derivatives, Synth. Comm39, 2954 (2008). link