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Graduate Students

Andrew Barette (Gundogdu group) – ultrafast 1D and 2D spectroscopy of transition metal dichalcogenides and polymers
Josh Carpenter (Ade Group) – resonant soft X-ray scattering and spectroscopy of polymers for organic photovoltaics
Masoud Ghasemi (Ade group) – morphology and device physics of organic photovoltaics
Dan Nevola (Dougherty group) – interfaces between graphene and magnetic oxides
Robert Younts (Gundogdu group) -Ultrafast spectroscopy of organic and polymer films
Pratik Sen (O’Connor group)- Development of polarization sensitive organic photodetectors
Ronald Booth (O’Connor group)- Transparent electrodes for organic solar cells
Eshwar Ravishankar  (O’Connor group)- Modelling the energy consumption of green houses incorporating organic solar cells
Nrup Balar (O’Connor group)- Spectroscopic ellipsometry characterization of polymer semiconductor films
Indunil Angunawela (Ade Group)-
Zhengxing Peng (Ade Group)-
Samuel Stuard (Ade Group)-
Reece Henry (Ade Group)-
Sara Jafari (Dougherty group) –
Dan Nivola (Dougherty group) – 
Jordan Frick (Dougherty group) – 
Sanaz Koohfar (Kumah group)-
Tongjie Chen (Kumah group)-
Athby Al-Tawhid (Kumah group)-
Biplav Acharya (krim group)-
Samuel Kenny (Krim group)-
Eric Vetter (Sun group)-
Kyung Hoon Kim (Liu group)-
JiXiong He (Liu group)-
Harish Subramanyan (Liu group)
Cemile Aksu (Jur group)-
Raj Bhakta (Jur group)-
Wade Ingram (Jur group)
Omadillo Abdurazakov (Kemper group)-
Ankit Kumar  (Kemper group)
Joseph Favale (Castellano group)-
Chelsea Taliaferro (Castellano group)-
Nancy Awwad (Castellano group)-
Chris Papa (Castellano group)-
James Yarnell (Castellano group)-
Antonio Lopez (Castellano group)-
Subhangi Roy (Castellano group)-
Mo Yang (Castellano group)-
Daniel Yonemoto (Castellano group)-
Hala Atallah (Castellano group)-
Remi Fayad (Castellano group)-
Seonghan Kim (Castellano group)-
Roxie Knight (Castellano group)-
Kaylee Wells (Castellano group)-