Outreach Events

ORaCEL hosted about 60 elementary and high school students from local schools and presented several educational Demos. The students were educated on various topics including electrochemical detection methods, superconductivity, electrostatic forces, and energy generation from thermoelectric devices and fruits. Faculty, graduate and undergraduate students were actively involved in the educational outreach activities, which includes oral presentation on ORaCEL’s research activities, and select Demos. The outreach education is aimed at attracting young students and minorities to STEM education and research.
The departments of physics, chemistry and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering  contributed to the outreach activities.


NanoDay 2017: More than 65 local elementary school students visited ORaCEL labs on NCSU’s NanoDay on April 21, 2017.


ORaCEL has participated in NanoDay events by offering lab tours for high-school and middle-school students. This year NanoDays had 400 guests exploring Nanoscale science and technology.

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ORaCEL 2015 Educational Outreach: ORaCEL, in addition to its engagement in cutting edge research,         is committed to training graduate and undergraduate students on carbon-based electronic devices. On the other hand, ORaCEL aims at extending STEM awareness to local communities, essentially k-12 students and teachers, through educational outreach and involvement in research experience for local high school STEM teachers. As a first step, ORaCEL has made its first educational outreach on October 2nd, 2015, which turned out to be quite successful. This outreach has targeted high school students from Triangle Math and Science Academy of Cary, NC. The activities include a brief lecture on semiconductor technology and educational demonstrations.


2014 is the International Year of Crystallography !

Crystallography (the measurement of crystal structure at the atomic level) is crucial to the functionality of organic and polymer devices.  Scientists at ORaCEL are active in measuring and controlling crystallinity in these materials.


NC State University outreach:


Special Topics Course: PY 590-003 : Organic Materials

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