Shared Facilities

ORaCEL encompasses several laboratories for research activities in organic electronics spanning Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering, with a wide variety of processing and characterization equipment.

Device and Film Preparation

  • Glove Boxes and integrated dual materials deposition system with:
    • state-of-art top-line dual-deposition systems and have unique customized features particularly for electronics/spintronics research. There are two different boxes each with consisting of evaporation chambers with high vacuum chambers (up to 10^-9 Torr). The chambers include capabilities for thermal deposition of oxide/metals and organic co-evaporation.
    • spin-coaters, heating plates, etc.
  • Blade and slot die coating equipment
  • Organic Molecular Beam Deposition
  • CVD Graphene Growth

Device and Film Characterization

  • Photovoltaic characterization equipment (Class AAA Newport solar simulator, EQE characterization setup)
  • UV-Vis and infrared spectroscopy
  • Two-photon photoelectron (2PPE) spectroscopy
  • An all-in-one solar cell and OLED characterization facility (PAIOS): transient charge transport and recombination techniques
  • Variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometer
  • X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
  • Janis probe Station for charge transport measurement
  • Atomic force microscopy
  • Ultrafast spectroscopy
  • Differential scanning calorimeters (DSC)
  • 3D vector superconducting magnet and optical system
  • Home-built Sagnac Interferometer

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