• Glove Boxes and integrated dual materials deposition system
  • the boxes include the state-of-art top-line dual-deposition systems and have unique customized features, particularly for electronics/spintronics research. There two different boxes each with consisting of evaporation chambers with high vacuum chambers (up to 10^-9 Torr). The chambers include capabilities for thermal deposition of oxide/metals and organic co-evaporation.
  • spin-coater, heating plates, etc.
  • Blade and slot die coating
  • Organic Molecular Beam Deposition
  • CVD Graphene Growth

Glove Boxes (equipped with spin-coater and thermal vacuum evaporator) for fabrication and characterization of organic electronic devices

Nitrogen-filled glove boxes, equipped with a spin-coater, a metal/oxide/organic thermal vacuum evaporation system, as well as a photovoltaic characterization set up. An A.M. 1.5G simulated solar light is coupled into the glove box from an Oriel solar simulator (Oriel Sol3A Class AAA) to characterize the current-voltage characteristics of organic solar cells (OPVs). Similarly, the glove box OPV measurement system is capable of characterizing an external quantum efficiency of solar cells. There also glove boxes equipped with facilities for fabrication and testing of perovskite-based electronic devices, including solar cells and, spintronic devices.

Organic Molecular Beam Deposition

We operate two chambers for molecular beam deposition of organic molecules. Each is equipped with a turbo pump to facilitate molecular sublimation under pressure around 10^-7 Torr. The organic molecules are heated in a crucible wrapped by a tungsten wire that is powered by an external power source, while the desired substrate is positioned above the source. Flux is controlled by a manual shutter and monitored during deposition by a quartz crystal microbalance.



Blade Coating Facility

The blade coater is a fully automated setup that allows for coating organic materials from solutions. The setup includes:

  • varying film casting speed,
  • a coating stage integrated with a hot plate,
  • a vacuum system for holding substrates in place,
  • and adjustable blade height.